My dad Jonathan Hoomanawanui, was raised in a little house on 243 Judge Street, between Nuuanu Ave, and Liliha St. He was born on June 1, 1964. He attended Maemae Elementary and Kawananakoa Intermediate.. He graduated from Roosevelt High School in 1982. While attending high school he committed to the ROTC program. He also served in the United States Army, for a little over a decade.

Before I share my dad’s story let us thank the man above for all the accolades my dad received in his lifetime of achievements. My dad mentioned that in the Army, he coached and played football, basketball, boxing and volleyball. His teams ranked among the top 5 in Europe. After semi-retiring from the Army, he continued to coach community youth sports. He also became a certified football coach in the State of Colorado after passing the CHSAA test in 2004. He also became a certified high school football coach in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2009. He attended Regis University in 2004 and graduated with a BA in Communications. In 2012, He attended Regis university again attaining a Masters of Science degree in Criminology.

My dad told me when he grew up he had a hard time with school and his lessons. He said, he barely graduated from school. He struggled with English and Math. He mentioned that when he took the ASVAB he scored a 23. He actually begged the recruiter to find a job for him because he was going to be homeless. The recruiter went to a back room and pulled out a video of Armored tanks. After watching the video my dad was recruited and signed a waiver missing out on an opportunity to qualify for a $10,000 dollar bonus because of his low score. Education has always been my dad's weakest points. Even though my dad had skills and talents that Jesus Christ gave him he always mentioned education is important. In the aforementioned my dad completed his educational career. He said “if he can do it anybody can.” He understands hard work.