Aloha Aina Five Principles:

  • Recognize the Divine.
  • Take care of All Peoples of Hawaii.
  • Take Care the Land.
  • Government Accountability/Transparency.
  • Advocating for Righteousness.

I was raised in a little house on 243 Judge Street, between Nuuanu Ave, and Liliha St. I was born on June 1, 1964. I attended Maemae Elementary and Kawananakoa Intermediate.. I graduated from Roosevelt High School in 1982. While attending high school I committed to the ROTC program. I also served in the United States Army, for a little over a decade.

Before I share my story let us thank the man above for all the accolades I have received in this lifetime of achievements. I coached and played football, basketball, boxing and volleyball. My Football and Volley Ball team ranked among the top 5 in Europe. After semi-retiring from the Army, I continued to coach community youth sports. I also became a certified football coach in the State of Colorado after passing the CHSAA test in 2004. Further more I became a certified high school football coach in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2009. I attended Regis University in 2004 and graduated with a BA in Communications. In 2012, I attended Regis university again attaining a Masters of Science degree in Criminology.

I had a hard time with school and the curriculum. I barely graduated from school. I struggled with English and Math. I took the ASVAB and scored a 23. I actually begged the recruiter to find a job for me because I couldn't go back home. The recruiter went to a back room and pulled out a video of Armored tanks. After watching the video I was recruited and signed a waiver missing out on an opportunity to qualify for a $10,000 dollar bonus because of my low score. Education has always been my weakest point. Even though I had skills and talents that Jesus Christ gave me I always knew education was important. After completing my educational career., I said to my self “if I can do it anybody can.”